A promise of Togetherness!

We have disconnected from Mother Earth lately and become more dependent on technology. I started realising this often and more strongly only after I became Mom. When I take my toddler out I feel so much of happiness. I know it inside that this is the best way I can connect with my child by spending more time without any gadget around, by going for nature walks, taking my baby out to gardens, parks and fields. I feel immense joy when we together figure out the type of tree, the color of the bushes or when we do leaf art together.

Disconnect from nature can affect child much more intensely than we think. Studies show that the children closer to green spaces are active, face less stress and do well in social groups. Taking children out to play in parks also helps keeping them physically active as they run around. It is a great activity to improve their gross motor skills.

It is very important to bring nature in the lives of our children. Children need to experience it firsthand, only then can we expect them to take care of the nature! They have to be given freedom to explore local flora and fauna. I have decided that I will seek opportunities to give these little joys to my toddler.

In my next project I wish to use natural items to create stories and play. As I am currently working on sensorial activities for my child, I have realised that interacting with the natural world engages all his senses. Natural materials inspire child's thinking. It enriches their lives.

I also wish to create a nature wall soon in the balcony of my house, where my son can hang and attach his natural findings such as leaves, roots, seeds, etc. we collect during our nature walk. As a mother I feel it is my foremost duty to help my child connect with nature in as many ways as possible. It will help me develop a sense of curiosity in him. I am in the process of creating a small garden in my balcony. My son feels excited reading watching growing plant pictures in the book. I want him to experience that in reality, digging the mud, planting a seed, watering it and watching the little sapling grow can be much fun than in book. I have invited his friends to join over too and enjoy together watching signs of growth and life. I wish to see my son grow into an adult who cares for environment.

Here is the Kissan's new TVC about connecting with nature and finding joy!

And this link takes you to Kissanpur, please go ahead and discover real togetherness.

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