Tutorial: How to make a Flip Card

It is quite a simple technique to make this beautiful flip card. All you need is to get your measurements right. The flip allows you to pack some surprise inside which gets revealed only when the card is flipped! My card is based on a birthday theme.

Let's start with step by step instructions:

1. Take a blue card stock paper measuring 9 x 7 inches. Mark the center line at 4.5 inches. This is where the card will get folded in between. Mark the center line on both the halves too measuring 2.25 inches from left side.

2. With the help of a compass, draw a circle of diameter 7.5 cm on both the halves exactly in the middle. Use the center point marked at 2.25 inches to place the compass. Leave about 4 cm space from top.

3. Using a sharp x-acto knife cut along the right side of the circle. Do not cut the entire circle.

4. Fold the card into half using the first center line marked earlier.

5. Fold the left side of the card into half and outward using the center point, shown in the below picture.

7. Place a heavy weight on the card for it to settle down in a flipped position. I used my dslr camera as a weight.

8. The card would look like this now.

9. Paste colorful ribbon on the top and bottom of the card.

10. Cut out 2 circles of diameter 7.5 cm each out of a patterned paper. Use a color that will compliment the card color.

11. Border the circle using sketch pens. Cut out shapes of cupcake liner and cream. I also used borders of sheer pink ribbon to make cupcake.

12. Paste the cream and cupcake cutouts onto one of the circles using two layers of two-sided tape. This will give a 3D effect. Beautify the cupcake using ribbon.

13. Use colorful pearl stick-ons to paste around the cupcake and as a sprinkler on the cream shape.

13. Paste one circle cutout on the front half-cut circle. Write a message using fine point pen or sketch pen.

14. Paste the cupcake circle inside the card on the marked borders.

15. You are ready to surprise someone with a flip card!


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