It is quite a simple technique to make this beautiful flip card. All you need is to get your measurements right. The flip allows you to pack some surprise inside which gets revealed only when the card is flipped! My card is based on a birthday theme.

Let's start with step by step instructions:

1. Take a blue card stock paper measuring 9 x 7 inches. Mark the center line at 4.5 inches. This is where the card will get folded in between. Mark the center line on both the halves too measuring 2.25 inches from left side.

2. With the help of a compass, draw a circle of diameter 7.5 cm on both the halves exactly in the middle. Use the center point marked at 2.25 inches to place the compass. Leave about 4 cm space from top.

3. Using a sharp x-acto knife cut along the right side of the circle. Do not cut the entire circle.

4. Fold the card into half using the first center line marked earlier.

5. Fold the left side of the card into half and outward using the center point, shown in the below picture.

7. Place a heavy weight on the card for it to settle down in a flipped position. I used my dslr camera as a weight.

8. The card would look like this now.

9. Paste colorful ribbon on the top and bottom of the card.

10. Cut out 2 circles of diameter 7.5 cm each out of a patterned paper. Use a color that will compliment the card color.

11. Border the circle using sketch pens. Cut out shapes of cupcake liner and cream. I also used borders of sheer pink ribbon to make cupcake.

12. Paste the cream and cupcake cutouts onto one of the circles using two layers of two-sided tape. This will give a 3D effect. Beautify the cupcake using ribbon.

13. Use colorful pearl stick-ons to paste around the cupcake and as a sprinkler on the cream shape.

13. Paste one circle cutout on the front half-cut circle. Write a message using fine point pen or sketch pen.

14. Paste the cupcake circle inside the card on the marked borders.

15. You are ready to surprise someone with a flip card!

This is a tutorial for making a Seven Flower Pop Up Card. Trust me, it is easy to make and looks beautiful. It looks fresh and can be made to greet on several occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, Mothers' day, friendship day or just to say a Hello!

Let's start with step by step instructions:

1. Cut 7 squares of 8 x 8 cm each using colored papers of your choice.

2. Fold them into half.

3. Make the second fold, they take the shape of a square again.

4. Make a triangular fold from the top right corner.

5. With the triangles facing upwards, draw a petal like shape as shown in the picture.

6. Cut on the marked petal line and open up the squares. You will find them turned into beautiful flowers. Each flower has 8 petals.

7. Cut one petal from each flower. Now every flower should have only 7 petals.

8. Overlap one of the petals onto the other and bring the flower together by applying glue on one side and stick adjacent petal on top of this petal.

9. Fold the flowers into half and arrange it in a way you want them to be in the bouquet. Apply glue as shown in the picture. I have numbered the flowers so that I can make easier for you to locate the points to apply glue.

Very Important: Do not apply the glue to the entire petal but only like the points (white dots) shown in the image and stick the two flowers only on the points marked, else the flower will not open up.

10. After sticking all flowers onto each other as shown in above picture, it will look like the one you see below.

11. Let it dry till for a couple of hours so that it gets the strength. If you open up instantly, the glue might not stay for long. After a few hours, open it up, it looks like a bouquet.

12. Take a card stock paper sheet (or a thicker chart paper or ivory paper) measuring 11 x 9 inches. You can choose the paper which compliments with your flower colors the best.

13. Paint a 0.5 cm wide border with color of your choice. Hand painted borders give a very rustic feel to the card. I used pink glitter acrylic color from Fevicryl Hobby Ideas.

14. To decorate the flowers further, apply glue in the center of each flower.

15. Cut approx 5 x 1 inch wide strips of paper and fringe them. That is, with a fine tip scissor, make vertical cuts on the strip leaving some space (approx 0.4 cm) on the top of the strip. Roll it up and stick the ends. Insert it into the flower and stick it in the center of each flower.

16. Hand paint some similar looking flowers on the front of the card with acrylic colors of your choice. Write your message too on the front of the card. Also paint the borders of the flowers in the bouquet.

17. Cut out 6 petals from a green card stock paper.

18. Beautify the leaves further using your imagination. I used Fabrica cone liner, metallic 3D acrylic gold color, to line the petals on the edges.

19. Now apply glue on the point as shown on the image, on both sides of the folded bouquet and paste it inside the card on each side. Try to get it in the middle as far as possible. Let it stay idle for few hours before opening it up.

20. Now open up your beautiful card. Stick the petals on the sides of the bouquet.

21. Your card is sure to make someone's day!