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I have beautiful memories of my childhood, my family is a part of most of them. The story time was what I waited for all throughout the day. After dinner, my Dad used to take me and my brother to our reading corner. It used to be a comfortable place with pillows, mattresses, good lighting and colorful, attractive books my Mom and Dad bought for us. My Dad also made sure he brought many books from library. That gave me an exposure to a variety of subjects.

Reading is one of my hobbies and my family helps me nurture it. Even now whenever I go to see my parents, I see a pile of books and magazines waiting for me on my table. My brother gifts me books on occasions of Rakhi and Bhaiduj. Though after becoming a Mom, I get very little time to nurture this hobby of mine, but I take out at least some time on weekend and grab a book. But reading hasn't stopped as I read out books to my son. I do order books online if I don't get time to go to a bookshop with my busy schedule. I am in the process of making a reading corner for him, just like one we had.

From the many stories I remember Dad telling us, one story has affected my life in a very positive way. A story about an Indian woman, who became the first Indian and South Asian woman to obtain degree in Western Medicine. This story has influenced my life a lot. My Dad said whatever you do in life, do with all your heart and set an example.

It was Lt. Dr. Anandibai Gopal Joshi who became India's first lady doctor. She was also the first Hindu woman to step onto the American soil. I even thought about this story while boarding my first flight to America in 2010. I have literally thought about about this story at many occasions in my life. She had a dramatic life overall. The sorrows and hardships she faced made me cry while my Dad narrated the story. Apart from this the work she did and the example she set for the Indian women at the time when the country was steeped in old customs and traditions is notable. She was, at the age of 9, married to a man, a widower who was 20 years older than her. She lived in society that refused to educate women. Her husband was one of the progressive thinkers of his time and he supported Anandibai's education. He struggled to send her to America for medical education. This inspiring story is about how Anandibai complete her medical diploma against all odds, fighting the cold weather, and orthodox Hindi society in India. She faced the death of her 10-days old son at the age of 14 because of unavailability of medical care. This tragic situation inspired Anandibai to become a physician. When she was vigilant about going to America for further studies, Goapalrao convinced her to set an example for other women by pursuing higher education.

This is one of the very inspiring stories I remember from my childhood. Anandibai Joshi is my role model. I #lookup to her in life. When my son grows up I wish to tell him this inspiring story. I wish to make story time a special time in my son's life every day, even for a few moments.

Housing envisions a world filled with positivity. This was my favourite story of optimism.

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