Brother Power #together

A little togetherness brings so much optimism -just like which brings families and loved ones together.

Brothers and sisters are as close as hands and feet, they say.

I feel lucky to have a brother. He is younger to me, so I treat him like my baby. He is the most important part of childhood memories. We'd fight, argue, beat up each other and be friends again after some time. Though he is younger to me, but definitely more matured, focused and what I appreciate the most is his positive approach towards life. Works as a Senior Consultant in a Multi National Company and pure gentleman that he is! When I started my business, he was there to guide and support me. He helped me working on the basics, made Profit & Loss, Balance sheets etc. for me, gave me guidance for going about registration and so on. Its amazing that I always feel assured that a finance expert is by my side.

We have long conversations often on phone, as we stay cities apart. The day I fondly remember spending with him was in our hometown, Goa. It was summer. Parents had been outstation to attend a wedding. We decided to chill out. Morning was spent watching our favourite TV shows together and enjoying the Brunch I cooked. Late afternoon we decided to go to another city on his bike. I was as always super excited for the bike ride.

When in Goa, it has to be the beach. We decided to go to Miramar. The Goan sands are so inviting. After spending some good time playing in the water, it was time to eat chaat, at our favourite Bhaiyyaji's stall. One paani puri plate is never enough.

Later we went for a theater show in Kala Academy which is next to the Miramar beach.

It was followed by awesome Thai dinner at Pan Asian Bowl and dessert at Carasid.

We walked along the beach pathway, cruises and fisher boats added a jazz to the night.

And the bike ride back to home at night was amazing. We talked about our friends, colleagues, cousins and much more.

Family time is the most important time. It is the time to create memories of togetherness and cherish them all through the life. After getting married I shifted to a new city. I get very less time to spend with my brother, but we make sure whenever we meet, we are the priority on each other's list.

Having brother is truly a blessing. When I feel low, his words make me strong. I know I just can't do without him. I know I will always have a friend in my brother to lean on, to count on. Reminds me of one of my favurite Bollywood dance numbers...Tum hi bandhu, sakha tumhi...

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