Cloud Decoration- Rainbow Clouds- Theme: Sky

Hello Everyone,

For Shaunak's 1st birthday party, I decorated the entire banquet hall ceiling with clouds and sky elements. They can be actually called cloud mobiles.

Clouds were cut using White ivory papers and sky elements like Sun, Stars, Moon, Planes, Helicopters, UFOs, Kites, Rainbows, Umbrellas, Raindrops, Birds and many more were cut using Canson color papers.

Below are the photographs of the Rainbow Clouds. I cut satin ribbons in 7 colors of equal size and stuck them in between two clouds cut out of the White ivory paper.


  1. I had the pleasure of having my wedding at banquet halls in Chicago last September and it was great! From pre-wedding questions to post-wedding cleanup they kept up with the expectations of my very traditional parents and crazy friends.

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