Kite Birthday Party Invitation

Hello Peeps!

It's been more than a year I have been away from this blog. I birthed a baby boy, who is now 1 year old. I completely dedicated my time to him for a year, now slowly getting back into my business.

Recently we (me and Shashank, my better half) celebrated our Son's (Shaunak's) 1st Birthday Party! And the birthday theme was SKY!I love Colors, my husband is an Aerospace freak and we both love Blue - so our theme - Sky!!

I decided to use various Sky elements for the decoration of the function hall, such as Clouds, Rain, Umbrellas, Hot Air Balloons, Kites, Birds, Rockets, UFOs, Planes, Helicopters, Sun, Stars, Moon, etc.

For the invitation cards, I wanted to have something bright and colorful and handmade of course, to have that special personal touch. Among many ideas those struck me, I zeroed in on having Kite to be the element for invitation cards. Had to make and remake the card around 10 times experimenting with different types of papers to finally achieve what I wanted.

A Kite with 3 bright colorful bows coming out of a cloud shaped envelope, message on the kite and bows  having time, venue and contact details.

Disclaimer: Please excuse, the photographs are taken at different times of the day, with different lighting and hence not so good quality :)

I made 85 of these, handmade- hand cut, handwritten! Here is how I made these invitations:

1. Bought a pack of 100 gsm White Papers for the clouds.

2. Folded the papers into half.

3. With a hand drawn two-sided cloud shape template marked borders on the papers with a sharp pencil.

4. Cut the cloud shaped envelopes using a pair of scissors.

5. Dashed the borders of both the sides of the Cloud with various shades of Blue.

6. Gave a thin slit on top of one of the sides of the cloud so that the other side slips in to it making it look and feel like an envelope (it was my Dad's idea!).

7. Cut 85 pieces of around half a meter in length, half an inch wide Blue satin ribbon. Pasted one end of the ribbon inside the cloud and on the other end pasted a Kite shape.

8. In between the cloud and the Kite pasted 3 colorful bows leaving some space, around one and half inch.

9. Cut tiny tails for the Kites. Painted kite borders with a felt tip Orange marker.

10. Folded the top end of the ribbon behind the kite and pasted it using glue.

11. Wrote the details on the kites with colored pens and bow borders with felt tip Orange, Pink and Blue markers.

12. Folded in the kites inside the clouds.

13. The message was like this, of course written by me only:
                  On the kite:
              "Sky is the limit"
                  for our Son
              who is turning One!
      Bless him with your presence

And on the three bows respectively:
1. On: Saturday, 14th June, 2014, 11.30 am
2. Tabla Banquet Hall... Address
3. Shashank and Shreya with our contact numbers...

On the cloud: Invitee's name and the message "Shaunak is turning One!"


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